Capital Gains Tax Service

Our tax management system provides firms with a facility to harvest their client’s annual Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption through intelligent macro instruction. After tax harvest, the instruction can also be extended to auto ISA and forward a consolidated tax certificate direct to the end client and their accountant or specialist tax adviser.

The intelligence behind our tax management system enables firms to manage their clients’ tax affairs outside the UK, in their own country of tax residence. All this information can then be pushed into a firms back office and used to send triggers to the client’s adviser in the event of a rule breach.

With tax management enabled on an account, a firm can maintain asset allocation by harvesting overweight holdings first and set trade rules to soft or hard stop a trade if any transaction pushed their client into a CGT rule breach. The ability to run ‘what if’ scenarios and intelligently manage customer taxation in this way means that firms can offer an unrivalled CGT management service to their end clients.