Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business does not exist in isolation and we do not see it as a way of simply making money or amassing vast sums under management as quickly as possible. Our customers, their clients, third party partners and our community are all affected by what we do. At Fusion Wealth, our corporate social responsibility means taking a responsible attitude, going beyond the minimum legal and FCA requirements.

Fusion Wealth is in business for the long term and our strategic partners are selected after a significant due diligence process. Strategic Partners who provide third party tax wrappers, qualitative research, custody and administration services must share our goals and commit to long term contracts and service standards. This means that our organisational strategy can continually improve performance over the long term by focusing on and delivering client satisfaction.

Our customers and their clients (the ultimate end users) are the most important part of our business, and feel that our prime concern is to satisfy their requirements as fully as possible. We believe in managing for quality, with all staff in our organisation fully committed to sustaining and making whatever changes are necessary to improve quality.