Risk Management

Fusion Wealth has years of experience in managing risk and provides firms with consultation on how to deleverage risk from their business. Typically we would help identify, characterise and assess the risks associated with running their wealth management proposition.

We work with our customers to assess vulnerability, determine the risk and identify ways to reduce risk. Bespoke compliance rules and packages can be automated into workflows such as non regulated collective trading, cash disbursements, third party payments, anti money laundering and politically exposed person sweeping.

The use of other market propositions will not offer comparable flexibility or the system capacity to bespoke the controls applied to your specific firm. We at Fusion Wealth see this as a valuable benefit to not only manage your business with an appropriate level of confidence by applying robust governance at the desired level but also in delivering real automated protections against inconsistent outcomes. Fusion Wealth will work with your senior management to establish what controls are considered right for your service / investment activity so that the end platform offers genuine safeguards and a tailored fit to your objectives.

Fusion Wealth is presenting firms with the ability to manage their business and investment proposition effectively with the facility to make decisions that are right for your firm rather than having to adapt to what may only be a close fit – managing and deleveraging risk is a commercial advantage that few platform solutions can offer but this is just one of the many benefits your firm will experience with Fusion Wealth.